VES is happy to introduce our first event of 2018 - VOLTAGE CASE COMPETITION in co-operation with Merinova and GigaVaasa!

VOLTAGE will be a competition where students will get different cases related to the Tesla Gigafactory. The cases will be to figure out how GigaFactory will affect Vaasa - how will Vaasa look in 2030? The only limit on what to discuss in the event will be held by your own imagination - how will the factory affect infrastructure, social life or sport facilities in Vaasa? How should we show Vaasa in order to impress the one and only Elon Musk? 

WHAT IS TESLA GIGAFACTORY? Tesla cars run on some of the cleanest energy options we have in our day - and now they are thinking of establishing their next Gigafactory in Vaasa! In practice, the Gigafactory creates the batteries that the Tesla cars run on. 

"Tesla's mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy through increasingly affordable electric vehicles and energy products. To achieve its planned production rate of 500,000 cars per year by 2018, Tesla alone will require today's entire worldwide supply of lithium-ion batteries." - https://www.tesla.com/gigafactory

On Friday the 26th we will meet in the EnergySpin facilities (Vaasan Sähkö, Kirkkopuistikko 0). The competition will be launched with an introduction by Tomas Häyry. After the introduction we will enjoy a lunch break on campus. After lunch, the teams will have access to sparring counselors until 17:00. THEN IT'S GAME ON! The teams have the whole night on them to figure out ideas and concepts for Vaasa 2030! The VES Headquarters in Brändö will be open the whole night so that the teams have a place to brainstorm and work! 

On Saturday the 27th, the sparring counselors will have time to guide the teams one last time at 10 AM. After the guidance, the teams have the chance to fine tune their presentations until 14:00 when it's time to present the concepts to the jury from Merinova! 

THE BEST TEAMS WILL BE REWARDED with an adventurous price!

The teams will consist of 3-4 students. If you'd like to participate but can't get anyone to join your team - no problem, you can sign up to the event alone and then you will be assigned a team! 

REGISTRATION WILL START 15.1.2018 AND CLOSED AS SOON AS THE SLOTS HAVE BEEN FILLED! Use this Google Forms to sign up for the event: 


12:00 on the 26th: Opening speech by Tomas Häyry at Vaasan Sähkö, Kirkkopuistikko 0
13:00 and onward: VES HQ, access to sparring counselors until 17:00

10:00: Access to sparring counselors
14:00: Presentation of cases and announcement of winner


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VOLTAGE - The Tesla GigaFactory challenge


Chairman Grill and voting

During the Chairman Grill and voting we will interview all the Chairman candidates and after that vote. So come there and have an impact on who will lead VES after December.

Everyone who is VES's member has right to vote.

More info coming soon!

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Annual General Meeting

Open meeting where we will go through how the year has gone and some statistics about year 2017. Also next years board will published there.

More details coming soon! 

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VES Pre-Christmas party

Traditional VES Pre-Christmas party will this year be held on 8th of December.


More details coming soon!

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