About applying


The application period is already OPEN! As the growth in our society has been staggering, Board 2018 will consist of 10 members.

Our activities are all in English. The positions are open for ALL students in Vaasa. Previous experience is not necessary. 


How to apply?

1. Send us your application via email to board@ves.fi

In English, Finnish or Swedish


2. Application should include:

Who are you?
Why are you applying?
Three positions that interests you the most and why
Picture of you


3. Start waiting invitation to the interview.

All applicants will be interviewed


Application process

15.-30.10.  Application time

1.-7.11.  Interviews

13.11.  Chairman Grill and voting

20.11.  Annual General Meeting

12.12.  Orientation for the new board


Positions open



As a chairman you get to be in charge of strategic development and stakeholder management.  Main responsibilities include steering and supporting the board in the right direction in both day-to-day operations and long term planning alike, discussing new collaborations and taking care of contracts. This position will give you valuable experience on team leadership and a possibility to impact the overall operations of the society.


Vice Chairman

As a vice chairman you get to assist chairman in all kind of strategic activities and support the operations. You get an unique opportunity to take part in creating an incubator and thus, affect the future of VES. Attending the meetings and collaborating with stakeholders will be part of your mission. Vice chairman drives and motivates board to right direction and supports board members whenever needed.

Project Manager

Project managers are the puppet masters behind the different concepts of VES. The biggest part of their job is to lead teams of active volunteers, keeping the strings in their hands and guiding the pieces to their right places. The board has three project managers, who take turns leading the projects and provide support for each other when they’re not in the driver’s seat.

Project Manager, Harvest

As a Main Organizer of Harvest, you will have an extremely great chance to build a big event from the beginning. You will gain leadership experience and understand the overall picture of project management, as well as develop your negotiation and sales skills.

Partnerships Manager

In our operations, it's all about collaboration. In this role you get to challenge yourself in terms of creating networks across and over the country boundaries. Your tasks include company collaboration and continuing our internalisation process in the Nordics, as well as actively representing VES around Finland. This rather independent role gives the feeling of true adventurer as some paths are yet to be explored. Are you ready?


Being a treasurer gives you true hands-on experience on being responsible for the capital flow in a startup-like-company. Your input is needed in everything that VES does. Your main tasks include reporting, budgeting, bookkeeping and financing. The role is very independent as well as critically important. Through this role you’ll get both relevant work experience and a deep dive into the interesting world of financial administration.

Marketing & Communications Manager

Marketing & Communications are things that never sleeps. As the manager you are in the frontline of making VES visible in all existing marketing channels, together with your partner and the marketing team. You will be in touch with social media, photographing, graphic design etc. You will have tons of possibilities to create some of the most astonishing visual outputs and marketing campaigns people have ever seen. Even the sky is not the limit in marketing & communications.

Community Manager


The community manager embodies the heart and soul of VES. Their job is to make sure that the HQ is always a welcoming place to be for all the students of Vaasa, and that VES is visible in the local community. They keep in touch with the other student organizations in Vaasa and take care of VES’s internal communication as a secretary.