Fourth Industrial Revolution, Curiosity and Dreaming

Let’s start by closing our eyes. Let’s picture a world in year 2030. What’s the life like in the future? That is a one tough question, but hopefully you got at least few ideas in your mind because the question is even trickier: “What if you can be part of building the future and affecting the outcome of what world really looks like in year 2030? What if someone told you that we are entering an era that has the biggest effects on humanity ever seen in human history? Sounds crazy, scary but also fascinating, right? But maybe it’s time to also realize that all that is true and happening right now. It’s called Fourth Industrial Revolution. This is so fundamental, that no matter how you put it, few things are inevitable; we will change and world around will change, and now is good time to get started.

To truly understand the context we can look history and few historical events that also have had massive effects on how we work, produce stuff and communicate. But this time the speed and scale are unlike seen ever before. Due to exponential technological growth we are facing radical and interconnected changes in all aspects and parts of our physical, digital and biological worlds. One could talk about Artificial Intelligence, Genetics, Self-driving cars, Energy production, Smart cities, Internet of things, Data storage and many many other examples that reshape our future. I simply just don’t know enough about such subjects so you just have to check things out by yourself. Ask questions and get curious.

By one definition curiosity means the desire to learn or know about anything. It’s a force inside us that makes us hungry to know more, explore and in some sense, grow. Based on one idea, our curiosity is motivated when we're presented with something that doesn't fit into our understanding of the world. So that we tend to view the universe as predictable and orderly and when this order is challenged, our curiosity is aroused. The more curious you get, the more you want to find out what’s going on. So if that makes any sense, it is, I think, the curiosity that gets you started, to actually do good, and probably fix a problem or two. And it can be small things. As Elon Musk has put it: “As long as you do something useful for other human being, then you should be proud of yourself. It doesn't need to be something big that can change the world”.

Pretty exciting stuff if you ask me. Sounds something that would be pretty cool to be part of. So that, when the year comes 2030, when I woke up to new day. I woke up to world that is fundamentally better, world that makes sense and has values. A world with no mistakes.

And I think that if you want to be the one shaping that world, it’s time for you to realize your own potential. There is no one else to do it for you.

And just to make sure, I think that future belongs to humans, not robots.

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