About VES


Everyone has the potential to be an entrepreneur. VES is there to serve, support and enable people to chase their dreams. VES was founded in early 2015 to boost the entrepreneurial scene in Vaasa region. Our purpose is to serve the entrepreneurial minded with powerful insights, skills & connections that inspire, motivate and help them create new businesses. With other entrepreneurship societies in Finland, we are a part of the movement towards a more innovative, entrepreneur-friendly and economically healthy Finland. As our tagline goes: “VES we can!”


Connecting the dots: ideas + people = business

At VES we are encouraging students to refine their business ideas, or coming up with whole new ones by networking with other entrepreneurial minded people. By creating chances and connecting right people with the right ideas we can unleash the unexpected. We’re organized for a joint purpose.


Power of the entrepreneurial mindset

For a couple of years, there has been a growing interest towards entrepreneurship among the university students in Finland. Helping students to think more entrepreneurially is a vital step not just to boost the economic development, but in ability to generate thoughtful citizens with innovative ideas shaping our future.


Building experiences beyond the classroom

Everything can’t be learnt in classes. That’s why Vaasa Entrepreneurship Society organizes all different kinds of events for educating, networking and encouraging students becoming an entrepreneur — all the way from hackathons to keynote-speaker events and get-together breakfasts.


We believe innovative ideas and the capability of bringing them alive are the driving force of our economy and society as a whole.


Our Concepts


VES Talks

Inspiring speaker events headlined by fighters and innovators from all walks of life, VES Talks tackle topics from the power of attitude to breaking the norms and more. Usually followed by a kickass afterparty as well!

VES Academy

Concrete lessons from the world of entrepreneurship taught by experts of their fields. VES Academy introduces students to key concepts of managing your business as well as yourself, and deepens learning with practical workshops.

VES Consulting

Affordable consulting for small businesses combined with valuable real-life experience for students – VES Consulting is a win-win deal! If you think your business could benefit from a fresh view from talented students, don’t hesitate to contact us at board@ves.fi.

VES Stories

A new consept that will hopefully officially launch during this Autumn. The main idea is to gather a few local entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who have studied in Vaasa to talk about their story in a relaxed environment (f.ex. a pub). Intended to be very interactive.


From students, for students, and the world beyond – Harvest is Vaasa Entrepreneurship Society’s biggest event of the year. Organized in September, it brings together interesting start-ups, active partner companies and of course the students from all the university units in Vaasa.

Read more at www.harvestevent.com

Energy Spin

Organized in cooperation with Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK as a part of the EnergyWeek in March, EnergySpin collects the most promising start-ups of the energy industry under the same roof with international investors and executives.

Read more at www.energyvaasa.vaasanseutu.fi

Case Competitions

Together with our partners, we organize case competitions to give students intriguing challenges, with the best solutions taking home great rewards. For example, during the last years, we’ve worked with Young Entrepreneurs to bring you the JA Challenge, and collaborated on another case with Bock’s Corner.